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portraits of Claire Lacombe (Red Rose)

dear colleagues!

This portrait of Claire Lacombe (4/08/1765 - after 1798), "enragé", creator of Republican Revolutionary Club, appeared on the network about 3 years ago.

It is usually accompanied by a signature "Ducare." But we not found a miniaturist with that name.
Perhaps it is a Ducreux (26/06/1735 – 24/07/1802), which could really portray Claire in 1792, when she acquired more fame after taking part in the revolt on 10 August.

And just recently found another portrait


Undoubtedly that both portraits is the same model.
We assume that the second portrait could have been written by Jacques-Louis David, as he and Claire at a time, in August 1794 to September 1795, were in the house of detention of the Luxembourg Palace.

Does anyone possesses information more accurate?

(all information from our community Vive Liberta)
Tags: david jacques-louis, discussion points, icons, roux jacques, sans-culottes, women and the revolution

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