September 16th, 2008

Buy rare movies online

I just discovered the website Video INA, it is an archive of French television and radio programs online, from which you can download programs either to rent (48 hours for 2 euros) or buy (6 euros). It has a whole bunch of really rare stuff, including....

Saint-Just et la Force des Choses (Part 1)

Saint-Just et la Force des Choses (Part 2)

La Terreur et la Vertu (Danton)

La Terreur et la Vertu (Robespierre)

The extra benefit of this is that it downloads it as a DivX file, which you can then burn to a dvd, as opposed to buying a French Region 2 DVD that might not work with a US dvd player. The site's a little confusing, but I figured it out.

These movies are, of course, all in French without subtitles.

Some people build model ships...

But this man....
If you can lightly skip over his take on the Revolution (he knows a lot about guillotines, but evidently not much about the 1790's!) the history page has a pre-1925 fire photo of the Paris guillotine blade and lunette. There was a fire in 1925 that destroyed Madame Tussauds in London, including, sadly, most of the Revolution and Napoleon artefacts, but the blade survived, though damaged - I don't know what became of the lunette (I last went when I was 5 or 6!). I suppose you have to take their word for it that it's the one: it's now billed as 'the blade that killed Marie-Antoinette' (and I bet they were tempted to add 'like in the movie'?), but if that's the case parts, if not all of it, must also have been used to kill - well, pretty well everyone that everyone here is interested in...which is a weird and horrible thought...
(btw in case you didn't know, Tussaud also allegedly took Robespierre's 'death mask' -the Parisian place that makes copies believes it was actually taken in life, which is plausible - Washington had his cast in life, as did many politicians, poets etc. - but billing it as taken at the foot of the guillotine sounds more dramatic! )
Gosh, I'm morbid today!