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revolution_fr's Journal

Welcome to 1789
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Quite simply, a community for all things related to the marvelous French Revolution. ;)
Welcome to revolution_fr!

As the title would suggest, this a community for all things French Revolution. I have only a few rules/guidelines that I would like you to read before proceeding to join this virtuous online republic.

1. No bashing other members.
We're all enthusiasts here; none of us have precedence over the others. I don't care if they don't like your pet revolutionary, they think such-and-such was a bad move, or they don't enjoy Colgate toothpaste. A good debate is more than welcome, but no descending into the realm of personal attacks. Anyone who does will be given one warning and one warning only.

2. If you don't like one of the people or things discussed here, explain why.
For instance, if the mere thought of Saint-Just sends your blood pressure spiraling and you must share this with the community in anything other than a passing remark, you need to tell us why. No, "because he's prettier than me" is not a justafiable excuse.

3. The following is allowed/encouraged:
Other misc. tributes
Reviews of Revolution-related material

If I've forgotten anything, or there's something you're not sure about, feel free to ask me via the friends-only post at my personal journal.

4. On advertising for sites or other LJ communities:
You may advertise for anything that has something to do with the French Revolution. Sites, ratings communities, RPGs, etc. - all fine.
One of those horrid 'hot or not' deals, however, is quite unwelcome. If you advertise for one, I will reply by joining your community and giving you a Danton picspam. And you won't like it.

5. Have fun.
My guillotine hungers for the blood of humbugs. Therefore, DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY.

Translated by our amazing members

Charlotte Robespierre's Memoirs, translated by estellacat
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five, Part One
Chapter Five, Part Two
Notes and Justificatory Documents, Part One
Notes and Justificatory Documents, Part Two

"La Raison à la morne," a work by Saint-Just, translated by maelicia
Chapter One (and only)

Élisabeth Le Bas's Memoirs, translated by estellacat
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three